Author: Mister Mo

Mr. Mo: In 2016, I became a dolphin

This year is speeding to an end. Another 365 days rounding up. It is natural to look back and review the year. Looking back, there are a handful of good stuff to the year for me. But I want to talk about what I believe was my greatest achievement this year.  The fear of water

​The Lost Art of Wooing a Woman

An acquaintance of mine reproduced a small piece about the lost art of wooing a woman on Facebook. I copy the first section of it here for reference purposes:  “Is it a wonder that women are sitting at home in utter and compete dismay to the lost art of courtship and the extinction of true

Nigerian tech blogs: When talk is cheap

Picture the motivational speaker who has never built any successful business himself but who postures to know how to build one. Picture the armchair critic. No hands-on experience at the things he opines about. That’s the picture that many Nigerian tech blogs present. The meat of this post is that it is easy to pontificate

Challenging the role of breadwinner

The role of breadwinner is outdated. Not exactly everywhere. There is a huge proportion of the world that still has to deal with the reality of having one person fill the role of breadwinner in each family. However, in the most cutting edge section of the world, the role is outdated. In today’s world, both