Author: Mister Mo

American Driver Movie Review

Synopsis: An American driver, Jack Curry takes a job driving Nigerian celebrities to the annual GIAMA Awards to impress his boss Kate. Along his journey he tries to become friends with actor Jim Iyke, who wants to be left alone. Genre: Comedy My Verdict: An insipid movie.

A question about the bible and slavery

I had a discussion with a friend of mine some hours ago. I had questions and wanted to get his insight into the matter. I asked him: “Why does the bible not identify slavery as an evil? Under the Old Testament, slavery was accepted as the norm and was even practised by the Jews. Under

Tribute: The Incredible President Barack Obama

Intelligent, delivers the greatest speeches, sings the house down, plays music, dances great, is a great standup comedian, connects with people at all levels, is elegant and aristocratic, yet can walk and talk and eat with common folks…. He was the Incredible President. All that general talk of how a leader shouldnt act like this

Better Advice: Aim to get it right each time

Everywhere you turn, young people are being told that in order to succeed they need to double their failure rate. In other words, fail often in order to increase your chances of success. I don’t understand this “double your failure rate” thing people are being told. For example, if our parents had given us this

God’s love expects something in return

If you were raised in church, you probably grew up being told that God’s love is the kind that does not expect anything in return. You probably believed it too. Hopefully, you will come to see how that statement is false in every way possible. God demands that we love Him back. He demands obedience