Aso Rock cabal real, says El-Rufai; man attempts suicide, and more stories

There is a cabal in Aso Rock, says El-Rufai

Gov. Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State announced that there is a cabal in Aso Rock. However, he was quick to distance himself from the cabal. Well, he had to defend himself; various media reports have described him as one of the governors that run things in Aso Rock. However, the dude denied the claims. According to him, “my primary assignment is Kaduna. I am not involved in the federal government.” This indeed confirms our suspicions; there is a cabal in Aso Rock. Now, however, I have a question for you, folks. Who cares what happens at Aso Rock?

15 students arrested over FUTO protests

Students of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, staged a massive protest on Friday. These guys had had enough with the things that were happening in the school, so they took to the streets. Well, somehow, some of them managed to get into unlawful shenanigans while they were at it. Or so says the police; these students have also been accused of starting the protest. Well, that’s convenient; however, these guys have a right to protest, don’t they? Furthermore, is starting a protest a crime?

Man attempts to throw himself off a bridge

A man attempted to kill himself. This guy, apparently tired of life and the way things are going, decided to throw himself off a bridge. Reports say that people gathered at the scene and begged him not to jump. Well, the situation of things in the country is enough to frustrate anyone. However, suicide is never a good idea. It only adds to the sorrow. Furthermore, the last thing Nigeria needs right now is to lose more able-bodied members of the workforce.

Fulani herdsmen storm villages in Kaduna, kill several people

Facebook User Ayuba Azzaman Daid shared some gruesome photos of the effects of a Fulani attack. Apparently, some Fulani herdsmen stormed two villages in southern Kaduna and wreaked havoc. Scores of people were brutally killed; the pictures tell a story of a hideous attack by unscrupulous killers. Please, just go and see for yourself; I can’t bear to look at this carnage any longer.

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