Alvaro Morata knows a lot about football

Sometimes, football is unfair, says Alvaro Morata. That’s an impressive sentiment to have after scoring the winning goal in a match. Let me point out that he was not saying this in regret. He was taunting Sporting CP, saying the thing that everyone would say to anyone that lost a match. However, I think he has a point. Real Madrid should have lost that match against Sporting CP. They played like they were afraid of the Portuguese club. Cristiano Ronaldo in particular was guilty; it seemed like he was unwilling to hurt his boyhood club.
He did hurt them, eventually, with a stunning free kick in the 89th minute. He did not celebrate. I really wish he did, so that my sudden urge to pelt him with rotting fruit would be justified. In any case, he did not deserve to celebrate the goal. Let’s just blame this one on luck. Like Morata said, football is unfair.
I must give credit to Sporting CP. They did not lose this match because they stopped playing. They lost it because Alvaro Morata was in the right place at the right time. That’s not their fault. But then, football is unfair at times. They dominated this match and limited Real Madrid’s chances to three shots on target in the first half. Thus they stifled the one of the world’s best attacks. But their luck was too good to last, however. Cristiano Ronaldo did what he is known for, and suddenly it was all over. If the referee had added three minutes on instead of four, they might have come away with a point. Nevertheless, they did their best.
This performance will be a warning to the next club in line, Legia Warsaw. Those dudes lost 6-0 to Borussia Dortmund, and it might be much worse for them against Sporting CP. Meanwhile, Real Madrid will face Dortmund next. They will probably win that match, but the point has been made. Football is unfair.

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