A father’s thoughts

I think it is Father’s Day today. At least, that is what I am reading and seeing everywhere I turn. Oh well.

It has become quite fashionable in today’s world to sensationalise everything. How to be an amazing father. You’re the world’s most awesome father.

And then there are those who want to confuse us further, though they themselves are the confused ones. Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. Bullshit like that. Pardon my French. Every normal person knows that dad and father are synonyms. Okay; maybe also every properly educated person. Ding!

Thankfully, my biological children don’t care about the appellations and the terminologies. They do like it that I provide what I can. They are happy when I am at home or take them out or do stuff with them. They miss me when I am not around. They also probably think that I am sometimes too hard on them (for the records, I thought the same of my father).

Then, there are my non-biological children. Yes; I have a number of young adults who have adopted me as a father, though they are not my biological offspring. It is a privilege that I cherish, and my commitment to them is as good as though we are of same flesh and blood. The talks, walks and drives. The support that we provide one another. All so beautiful.

On this Father’s Day, I think of everyone of the individuals I am privileged to be a father to, and I say to all: I don’t know exactly what it is to be an amazing or awesome father, but I have your back. Through thick and thin, I have your back. I wish you all a happy Father’s Day.

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10 thoughts on “A father’s thoughts

  1. Yes Happy Father’s Day to the responsible men out there and the women who assume a fatherly role to their children.

  2. Pops,
    Tnx for being there tru thick & thin. You are a father indeed to me tho I’m not a young adult,I’m an old adult. Love u like kilode.

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