A farewell to Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard

A few days ago, we heard that Steven Gerrard had ended his contract with LA Galaxy. Yesterday, he announced his retirement from football. This is the end of one of the most illustrious careers in English football. Steven Gerrard, to put it simply, was a legend in English football. Everyone who followed the English Premier League from 1987 will bear witness to that. Now that he has retired, I assume that he will turn his attention to coaching, just like several football legends before him.

Steven Gerrard had always been a Liverpool fan. His father used o show him videos of Liverpool players being awesome, and ol’ Stevie G decided that he wanted to be one of those great dudes. From he age of eight, Steven Gerrard had the passion to be a Liverpool player. Not just that, however; he wanted to become one of the best. No, that was wrong – he wanted to become the best. So, little Steve joined Liverpool at the tender age of 8. He did not become a Liverpool legend immediately, mind you – that would have been the story of the century. He took his time to settle into Anfield. In 1998, he finally made his debut, and y’all know the rest.

The dude has been everywhere with Liverpool. He has also seen it all. I’d also like to say that he won it all with Liverpool, too. However, the Premier League trophy eluded ol’ Steve. His biggest miss was in 2014, when Liverpool was inches from winning the league. But for Gerrard’s slip, which gifted Chelsea a goal, Liverpool might have won the league. That was the closest he came to winning it. However, Gerrard did win the grandest prize of them all. Remember the Miracle of Istanbul? That was 2005, when Liverpool came from 3 goals down to beat AC Milan on penalties in the Champions League. It does not get better than that in terms of amazing wins. Note that Liverpool came close to repeating that feat in 2007.

Also, remember the FA Cup victories, the League Cup performances, and the Premier League matches. Gerrard had an immense impact on Liverpool in all areas. Everyone who played alongside him, both at Liverpool, in the England national team, and at LA galaxy, has benefitted from his greatness. Therefore, he will be sorely missed in the world of football. Not for long, though; I fully expect him to follow the footsteps of Zinedine Zidane and lead Liverpool to the Champions League title one day. And then, perhaps, he would win the League.

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