5 Guranteed ways to know if you have been blocked on Facebook

A powerful interactive social tool like Facebook has so many features one of which is blocking a friend. Most of the time, you may not know that you have been blocked by a bosom friend or significant other. Here are some shared tips on how to know if you have been blocked on Facebook or not.
You can’t chat with the person
If you have been chatting with someone for months and suddenly notice that you are unable to converse with that person or you try to send messages but Facebook prompt say that you can’t send messages to the user…there is high possibility that you have been blocked.

Unable to find their names on Facebook
If it’s difficult for you to accept the fact that you may have been blocked by your girlfriend or boyfriend on Facebook, you can try searching for the person’s name. If you discover that the name doesn’t pop up, your friend has deleted you from their timeline.

The account has been deactivated
Another reason you may be unable to reach your friend via Facebook is that their account may have been deactivated. Facebook has over a billion users so getting them to randomly block an account is a rare scenario. However, if your friends account promotes extreme violence, nudity or offensive vices, they can pull the plug on such an account.

Ask a mutual friend
If you have a mutual contact, ask the contact if they still have access to the said person’s social media page. If they are friends, your friend has simply yanked you off!

Make a Report
You should attempt to make a report or send a spam message. If you are unable to send the report or spam message, need we say more…you have been blocked!

Credit: This article was sent in by Adeniyi Ogunfowoke, Writer at Jovago.

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